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SSI - The Society of Scribes and Illuminators

Founded in 1921 following a revival of calligraphy in the UK. It is run by the Fellows who are elected from around the world on merit of their accomplishment and appreciation of the historical concept of calligraphy and their adaptation for contemporary needs.

It has had a large lay membership since 1952, which is open to all that wishes to promote the SSI. The society promotes calligraphy and lettering with exhibitions and meetings with distinguished speakers. Further advancement is encouraged with workshops and the "Advanced Training Scheme".

As a member you receive a regular Newsletter, keeping you abreast of current events the field of calligraphy. In addition you also receive an annual journal "The Scribe" which builds up into a useful reference resource.

Membership as Lay member costs £28.00 per annum.

For further information please visit thier website