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fter many years study (always ongoing!) I have launched this website to promote my work and attract anyone with an interest in calligraphy and crafts in general.

I am a member of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, CLAS (The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society) and a committee member of the local group South Hampshire Calligraphers.

I live near Southampton in Hampshire in the UK.

My interest in calligraphy has developed from a young age when a friend brought a card to school that her dad had written. I was fascinated with the "beautiful writing" and determined to learn this skill for myself. After studying art at college I undertook a few years study of calligraphy at adult education centres.

I currently further my skills with a thirst for knowledge from other esteemed calligraphers, from books and workshops.

Calligraphy is one of those subjects that the more you know - the more you know there is yet to learn.

Calligraphy has many uses even in this era of computers. There is still no computer artist able to convey the beauty of lettering with fonts the same way that pen and ink can in the hands of an artist. Computer art programs such as Paint Shop Pro can be used to enhance the original artwork and can also assist with larger production. I have begun to experiment with using computer programmes to assist with my creativity as you can see with the "computer aided" section of this website, and my new logo!

I have listed some applications for calligraphy today on a separate page and would welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to commission some of my work. Commissions usually take from 2 to 3 weeks, but can be done sooner if neccessary.

Please e-mail me with your requirements and I will provide a quotation by return. Please state any special requirements such as quick time period or location for postage. It would also be helpful to suggest your preferences in regards to colour of paper and writing, calligraphy hand and any decorations.

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